I’m Becky from life.with.the.reeds on Instagram and I have a fair few c-section tips to share with you all!
I had an emergency c section in July 2019, suffered an AKI and was treated for sepsis. My birth story for the background – (https://reedlikenooneiswatching.wordpress.com/2020/09/06/becoming-mum-my-birth-story/?preview=true)
My regret is not researching more about C sections, the birth classes certainly advocate for vaginal births but not much is mentioned into “belly births” or how quick a straight forward delivery turns into an emergency C section.
The way I see it now, is you have got to do, what you have got to do. There is no gold star or trophy at the end for either. We are all just mums.




Take the pain meds.

I had paracetamol for my week-long stay in hospital and even a week once I was home. I wasn’t in sharp shooting pain as such, just a niggling droning pain – like a bruise but on the inside, I was however terrified about anything coming apart or getting infected.

Take the laxatives. 

Trust me, I didn’t do a normal poo for 3 weeks I was given iron tablets which funnily do the opposite of the laxative so didn’t feel comfortable going normally until the iron tablets were over with. The midwives will need to see you have regular movements and wee’s to remove the catheter after surgery.

Fragmin injections.

Blood clot preventers, they will give you these to take home too, so get someone to do them for you, my lucky hubby got the short straw. I am not comfortable with needles, less so after birth so there was no way I would have been able to stick these in me and admire anyone that does. I’m just a wimp!

Post-Partum Bleeding

The mother of all periods. Adult nappies became my friends. You are so prepared to change the baby’s nappy but not your own… Why is that?

Big pants.

The bigger the better. Head to Marks and Spencer as these pants will become your best friend. I bought “boy short” type pants for my birth bag, they were not suitable as the waistband sat right along the incision. My mum grabbed me a pack of granny pants and I have never looked back.

Pelvic floors

Yup – you still have to do those. Reminder – You are doing them right now too!

Compression Socks

I did not remove my compression stockings for two weeks (only off for showers). I was so worried about DVT and I was adamant I would not go back in the hospital.

All the pillows
Pillow to hold at your incision site, in case you sneeze, cough, laugh.

Pillows to prop you up at night or day. Your normal bed is the worst transition from the electronic hospital beds. Lying flat in bed hurts, anything to ease that transition is a must.

Time for rest

No housework. The midwife said not to exert or lift anything heavier than the baby. So, I listened and I healed. 6 weeks is a very long time, but I had good support around, where my mum did our ironing, hubby maintained household chores and I sat on the recliner, baby in my arms, keeping my fluids up and enjoying our bundle and trying to work out how to be a mum.

No driving 

I didn’t drive until our 6-week review. I didn’t want my insurance invalidated, plus if you emergency stop your seatbelt is not in the best place, so just don’t do it. I know some mums do, do this, but if you can avoid driving then certainly do that.


Now I had a strong hatred for my scar, so I refused to even look at it in the beginning. Hubby would clean it for me though, morning and night, this was done with warm boiled water, and a cotton bud or pad, going from one end to the other, we would then pat with a tissue and let air dry, which would just involve me propped up in bed, lifting my new mum tum for about 5 minutes. He would also look out for any red patches, heat or sounds gross, oozing because those are signs of infection. But we were all good.

No one tells you about the patch of skin between your navel and scar will be entirely numb. I have asked and apparently, that’s normal, the sensation “might” come back. I have just gotten used to the loss.

We hope these c-section tips helped, especially if you are due to give birth soon. 




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