Today I am going to be sharing my c-section story. I fell pregnant quite quickly after planning to have a baby with my other half. I was around 3 weeks when I found out and it was the best feeling but also the worst.

I suffered badly with hyperemesis throughout my whole pregnant along with preeclampsia. I hated been pregnant I felt unwell constantly and was in and out of hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down.

As my pregnancy went on I went in for a scan and I was 36 weeks pregnant. Talking to the midwife about my birth plan , discussing my options I had everything planned. I wanted a natural birth but would accept any help if I needed it i felt as prepared as a I could for the arrival of my daughter. Until I had a scan at 36 weeks it lasted longer than normal and I asked the lady at the time if everything was okay and she said all is fine however I’ll be seeing a specialist straight after and to wait to be called through.

I remember thinking what’s going on worrying something was seriously wrong.

After 10 anxious minutes we got called in.

The guy who we saw sat us down and explained that our daughter wasn’t growing properly , and at the right size for how far on I was and that she was measuring small. I didn’t understand why and I questioned was it something I had done was it my body? The specialist told me that it wasn’t any of my fault and this can happen but at the same time I felt like I was to blame.

He then told me that I had to have a C – Section within two days time. It was Thursday at this time and come Sunday I was having her out.

I remember crying , thinking the worst and being scared of the unknown.

It wasn’t what I had planned. Even though I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth having a serious operation scared me to death.

I went home and I cried for a few hours. I felt sick and I just wanted it to be over.

I had my baby shower the Saturday morning and told my friends and family that Maisie would be born Sunday.

Let’s just say everyone was shocked and I still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Sunday came the 9th feb.

I went into hospital for 7.30am after getting a call from my midwife to come down. I felt scared but so excited that I would be meeting my little girl very soon.

We got taken into a bay and I was asked to get undressed and into a robe.

My bloods got taken before and my blood pressure.

And then it was time to go down to theatre. My heart was racing with fear.

I remember walking into theatre and there were 6 members of staff and even that made me feel uneasy but I knew I was in safe hands and they were there to help.

I got asked to sit on the bed in order for me to have the spinal epidural , being asked to sit still and relax was pretty hard considering I was literally shitting myself at the fact that I was going to be having a needle put into my back and not being able to feel the bottom half of my body.

However with the help of a theatre nurse it was done and within minutes I couldn’t feel a thing from waist down. It was a very strange feeling.

My partner was next to me holding my hand , I had a drip on one arm and my Blood pressure been measured on another as well as a cannula  in my hand for any drugs I needed at the time.

I was given something , I’m not quite sure what but within seconds I wanted to be sick I felt really unwell and went very pale. I remember turning to my partner and telling him and he had to get someone to give me some anti sickness in order to help. I thought something bad was happening to me at this point but within a few minutes I felt normal again.

The surgeon talked me through what he was doing ( not in full detail ) but made me aware of the feeling I may feel during the procedure. I could feel a lot of tugging but other than that I couldn’t feel much at all.

Very quickly Maisie arrived weighing 4lb 7oz. Once I had been stitched back up I was taken back to my room.

This part was a little blurry due to all the drugs I had.

The road to recovery was hard. I couldn’t do the things I should of being able to do. I couldn’t pick my daughter up or bend or make any sudden movements as it hurt. I couldn’t Life anything and even climbing the stairs hurt.

I felt useless and like a rubbish mum and this was only the beginning.

I needed help to get in and out of bed for 10 days before I could find my own way of doing it. 10 days I spent inside feeling and looking like crap. I felt gross. Was this really motherhood?

10 days on and I managed to venture out for a little walk. Fresh air did me the world of good and that was something that kept me sain especially when I couldn’t do a lot just getting out after being inside for a solid 10 days really made a difference.

For anyone who is having a section.

Know that everything will be okay.

It doesn’t last forever the feeling you may have and you get a beautiful baby in your arms after.

Make sure you rest and don’t put pressure on yourself. And if you need to cry then cry. I did a lot of it even months after.

There you have it, Ria’s c-section story – We hope this post helped if you had a similar birth!




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