While everyone loves to support you with what you’ll need (and potentially don’t need) when you’re pregnant, quite often us poor old mums get left by the wayside once we’ve popped out our cute little nugget. We’re left to fend for ourselves amongst leaking boobs, saggy skin and stinging bumholes and quite frankly, the postnatal fuss that we deserve is lacking! Here is our guide of Top 10 Postpartum Essentials that you need to make that time after birth just a little bit easier.

Bits to add to your basket…


1. The Peri Bottle

One thing they do not tell you after childbirth is the fear that comes with going to the toilet, especially after an episiotome.  The peri bottle (or any bottle of lukewarm water) is a lifesaver; simply spray or pour it on you urethral opening to dilute your urine and take away the sting!



2. Breast Pads

Whether or not you choose to breastfeed your child; once your milk has come in you’re going to leak – it’s science! Getting caught unawares while you’re chatting to the postman is a nightmare. You need

something to back you up and soak up that colostrom if your boobs start to gush like the Trafalgar Square fountains.

You can choose to get re-usable breast pads (bonus points for eco-friendly options mama!) like these ones from Simply Gentle, or you can go for the disposable option like these Lil-Lets on Amazon!


3. A GOOD Nursing Bra

Did you know it’s possible to wear a nursing bra and still feel sexy? In a time when we probably feel a bit like a slovenly blob, having that little sneaky pick-me-up while remaining comfortable and practical is amazing! These HOFISH Seamless bras from Amazon are comfortable, wash well and look great on! *Tried and tested by our own TMC admin!*



4. Epsom Salts

Soaking in a warm bath full of Epsom salts. as often as you can, can lessen swelling and promote healing in the most delicate of areas. Epsom salts are gentle so while they’re doing all the good stuff, you can be sure that they won’t sting or ache while you’re having a soak!



5. Donut Pillow

Postpartum mamas have a special place in their heart for the donut pillow and we can’t blame them! When you’re resting as much as possible at home, sitting can become painful (tenfold if you’ve got stitches to contend with). Donut pillows give an added reprieve for your toosh that you won’t know you need until you do!


6. Nipple Cream

Stinging bums, sleepless nights and cracked nipples – it just gets better and better doesn’t it! Having a nice, soothing cream will do wonders for when your nursing and your nipples start to become tender. Use it after each nursing session to reduce pain and keep your nipples moisturised. If you treat yourself to this Burts Bees cream your nipples will smell great too!




7. Stool Softeners

That first poo after having a baby can be pretty horrifying. The last thing you want is to work to push out your poos if you’ve had to push a baby out less than 24 hours before! Dulco Soft is amazing with helping your body while it readjusts and preventing haemorrhoids too.




8. New Pyjamas

Do I need to say anymore? You’ve just given birth mama, you deserve a pair of clean, soft pyjamas and some nice warm socks! These pjs from Marks & Spencers are stylish and made using the M&S Better Cotton Initiative, so you’re doing your bit for the environment whilst treating yourself too!


9. Vitamins

With the blood loss, sleep deprivation and trauma that your body has been through; you need to make sure you’re getting everything you (and your baby) needs! Pregnacare are an amazing brand with postpartum vitamins that are jam-packed with all the good stuff that your body needs to get back on the road to recovery. If you’re breast-feeding, Pregnacare also have their breastfeeding postpartum range of vitamins that means you can ensure your babies safety while taking them too.


10. Breakfast Tray

One of the the hardest things to do as a mummy, especially a new mummy, is rest. Our brains go into overdrive with all the things we need to be doing for our little one (and hopefully for ourselves too). While you’re feeling tender, save yourself some trips by setting up a little breakfast tray – or ask your partner to realllyyyy nicely – just so you can at least create the illusion that you’re taking it easy!




ASH: “Having a beside cot is a must! Working in a kids store I never really thought they were a necessity but they were a dream with Laila. A boppy pillow was amazing for my son’s silent reflux too.”

CHARLIE: “I had an episiotomy with my first son and lavender essential oil baths were a god send for healing!”

CHARLOTTE: “Cloth breast pads. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, there’s a good chance your body will produce milk! With cloth breast-pads, they are super soft and absorbent, and you can pop them in the wash so you’ll never run out! Well.. those and a HUGE backlog of bingeworthy TV!”

JADE: “Adult nappies were my best friend for the week after Grayson was born. Nobody tells you just how much you bleed after giving birth, so having a failsafe giant hug wrapped around my vagina was a huge welcome. Plus, they were nice and stretchy, which is always a bonus!”

JOSIE: “For anyone that has had an emergency c-section I would strongly recommend peppermint tea as part of your recovery! No one tells you about the excruciating pain you can be in from built up air inside you, and it was only when my sister-in-law told me about it three days in my pain started going away. Who knew built up gas could be so painful!”









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