Our Favourite Children’s Christmas Books

The spirit of Christmas comes in many forms. The presents, the lights, the snow, as well as the music and getting together with family; just to name a few. At TMC we’re all about books and we’re all about our kids, so we love discovering the spirit of Christmas between the pages of a book at story-time. If you’re after some gift-worthy, festive books to tuck into with the little ones this season, here are a few that must make your list.


Twinkly Twinkly Series by Usborne

By Sam Taplin and Allison Friend

Age 0-5

The gift of an Usborne book is a treat with in itself but their collection of Twinkly, Twinkly books really takes the cake for being the ultimate Christmas books. There are three titles in the series, Twinkly, Twinkly Fairies, Twinkly Twinkly Christmas Tree and Twinkly Twinkly Nativity. Not only do the pages of these books don beautifully drawn images, they tell the perfect stories. What’s more, each page has magical lights built into each page which really bring the story to life. These will be a hit with the kids at Christmas season storytimes and you’ll love them, too.


The Christmas Pine

By Julia Donaldson and Victoria Sandoy

Age 3-7

Julia Donaldson is a household favourite and it’s clear to see why. Between the amazing images and her quirky, rhyming style her books are popular with children of all ages. So it’s no surprise her Christmas title, The Christmas Pine, is becoming a seasonal favourite. This hearfelt story follows a little tree with a special destiny to be the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and is actually based on the true story of the Mayor of Oslo and Norway’s tradition of presenting Britain with a spectacular Christmas tree as a symbol of peace and friendship. And if you’re a stickler for packaging, it comes presented in a gold-foiled dust jacket.


Because we are.


The Christmasaurus

Tom Fletcher and Shane Devries

Age 3-7

This best-selling story by Tom Fletcher has been adapted into a picture- book and it does not disappoint. The Christmasaurus is a rhyming picture book about a dinosaur who wants nothing more than to be able to fly to help pull Santa’s sleigh across the sky on Christmas Eve.  With a pitch-perfect, rhyming style this is a truly fabulous story and lesson in believing anything is possible.

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

On the First Day of Christmas

Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

Age 0-5

The legend that is Roald Dahl has done it again with this Christmas picture book. This twist on the classic Christmas song “12 Days Of Christmas” combines all the Roald Dahl characters with nostalgic illustrations. From golden tickets to fabulous friends, this is a great book to introduce young readers to first numbers. We don’t know about you but this book makes us want to be kids again.

There’s An Elf in Your Book

 Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott

Age 3-6

Also another Tom Fletcher favourite, this Christmas book is part of a popular series “Who’s In Your Book?” The story introduces a little elf who is trying to find out if the reader has been naughty or nice by asking some questions. We’re all for interactive reading! Adding this fun, festive book to your bookcase will give a whole new meaning to “Elf on the Shelf”.

Peep Inside Christmas

Anna Wilbourne and Emma Allen

Age 0-5

This brilliant series from Usborne Books has sparked the imagination of young readers all over. Lift flaps and peep-through holes reveal a magical winter wonderland. Kids can explore the pages to find reindeer, Mrs. Clause working on the sleight and even see Santa flying through the sky. The interactive pages have a magical scene laid out on every one and every time you read it you may discover something new. This book is the perfect way to celebrate the excitement of Christmas.

Bear Stays Up For Christmas

Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

Age 2-5

If you’re looking for a book that will be a treat to read all year long, then this one is for you. A refreshing diversion from Santa Claus and Elves, this book also tells the story of a bear who wishes to hibernate over the winter, missing Christmas but is encouraged by his woodland friends to stay up and take part in Christmas festivities. It is a beautifully written story about friendship as well as not being alone around Christmas time. All while highlighting the true spirit of Christmas- giving!


Paddington And The Christmas Surprise

Michael Bond and R.W. Alley

Age 2-5

The U.K.’s most beloved teddy bear in a Christmas book? We approve! This story follows Paddington and his family as they go to a Christmas grotto and explore the beautiful sights of the winter wonderland. Paddington goes on a festive adventure and discovers why Santa Claus makes Christmas so special. We’d happily swap out mince pies for marmalade sandwiches if it means getting to spend Christmas with Paddington.

Christmas Wishes

Enid Blyton

Age 5-7

Yet another beloved author, Enid Blyton wondrously presents 30 Christmas stories in this delightful book. From a dog who discovers the joy of Christmas to Santa Claus and friends getting out of a muddle, you can embrace the spirit of Christmas every time you turn the page. With 30 stories, each at just the perfect length for a bedtime read, the children will be nestled all snug in their bed in no time.

A Boy Called Christmas

Matt Haig

Age 7-9 years

You are about to read the TRUE STORY of FATHER CHRISTMAS. If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away.
(Because this book is FULL of impossible things.)
Are you still reading? Good. Then let us begin…

So whether you’re giving this season or looking to indulge in some of your own Christmas cheer, the pages of these books are sure to keep you feeling merry and bright. What’s your favourite Christmas Book?


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