Build a Hedgehog House

If you follow the TMC Kids Club Bucket List Challenge you may have noticed that we suggested that something you could do this month is to Create a Hedgehog House.

Building a hedgehog home can help provide a safe space for hedgehogs to raise their hoglets. It also gives them a place to shelter from the cold and rain while hibernating in the Winter. Follow the easy steps below to build a little palace for your prickly friends.

How to build a Hedgehog House

Step 1
Find a quiet space to build your hedgehog home. Perhaps you have a little corner in your garden that remains untouched, or you have noticed a quiet hidden spot on your local woodland walk.

Step 2
Build a structure: this can be done with logs, bricks or wood (or if you’re particularly handy, you could make a little wooden box with a ‘doorway’ just big enough for these spiky little friends).

Step 3
Cover the structure with mud, leaves and twigs to help it blend into the surroundings and create insulation.

Step 4
If you choose to build your hedgehog home in your garden, make sure to monitor it. The best time to clean out their home is in October, before they go into hibernation. This is so that you can make sure you don’t disturb any hibernating hedgehogs or weaning hoglets.

Extending the activity

Why not try reading some books with your littles before you make your hedgehog home? Introduce them to what hedgehogs are, what there homes are like and why it’s important for them to have these safe spaces to rest over the long, winter months. Make sure to tag us using #thatmamaclubig with any photos that you take so we can share your amazing little hedgehog homes!

Hedgehog’s Home by Branko Copic

Hello Hedgehog by DK (Laura Buller)

The Last Hedgehog by Pam Ayres


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