Welcome to the final book club review of 2021! How did we get here already? It’s been an amazing first year; we have a fantastic club full of beautiful, intelligent women and a huge year with even more bookish fun lies ahead. Our first ever book club pick back in January this year was This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens, so when we heard that her second novel, Just Haven’t Met You Yet, was being published in November, fate had decided on our final book club pick of 2021.


Tell me the story of how you two met…

Laura has built a career out of interviewing people about their epic real life love stories.

When she picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport, Laura wonders if this could be the start of something that’s written in the stars.

From piano sheet-music to a battered copy of her favourite book, Laura finds in the bag evidence of everything she could hope for in a partner.

If Laura’s job has taught her anything it’s that when it comes to love, you can’t let opportunity pass you by. Now Laura is determined to track down the owner of the suitcase, and her own happy ending.

But what if fate has other ideas?


After joining That Bookish Club in October I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading the January book club pick by Sophie Cousens, but wow oh wow, this was an amazing introduction to her writing. Just Haven’t Met You Yet is the perfect sunbathing read; easy to dip in and out of, a story that hooks you from the start and such easy readability that you can’t put it down. I managed to finish this in 48 hours and stayed up way past my bed time to carry on reading!

As a reader who thrives off of fantasy and thriller, Just Haven’t Met You Yet was definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m not usually a romance gal and I wasn’t particularly excited about starting a genre that I hadn’t ever been that interested in! However, this book absolutely captivated me and changed my entire perspective on the genre.

I loved the adorable, quirky character of Laura, our protagonist, who gets herself into the most ridiculous situations. If she’s not falling into a field of cows, she’s running through the airport with a mystery suitcase or witnessing events she can’t unsee after breaking and entering into a woman’s home and hiding in her cloakroom. The relationships that are weaved between the characters are heart-warming and realistic, and you find yourself really rooting for Laura on her journey to finding the mystery suitcase man.

I can’t WAIT to see what Sophie Cousens brings out next, she’s become an absolute firm favourite author amongst our book club. We can’t wait to support her on her writing journey as she continues to create more phenomenal stories for us to lose ourselves in!

– Jade


  • I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect easy read for a hectic month. It’s really made me want to visit Jersey! I’d definitely recommend – @TixBrown
  • I finished Just Haven’t Met You Yet within two days, so not like me but when a book is irresistible you just have to read more and more! I don’t usually go for Rom Coms but this book changed my perspective and undoubtedly Sophie Cousens has become one of my favourite authors. If you’re looking to up your reading game in 2022, I highly recommend joining the book club! – Soffy
  • This was the perfect cosy December read. I loved it from the very beginning, the little subtle nod to “This Time Next Year”, the setting in Jersey. It was all just so heart warming. This lovely rom-com was filled with laugh out loud moments and I devoured it very quickly. Sharing too much of my opinion here would result in spoilers because I had strong feelings about the love story. If you’re after a cosy, heart warming, read it with hot chocolate under a blanket story for the lead up to Christmas then this would be a perfect choice. – Jen F
  • Just Haven’t Met You Yet was the perfect tonic I needed during a bout of Covid and self isolation. It transported me off to Jersey with Laura the queen of meet cutes who is looking in to her own parents past. In the meantime she might also potentially meet her own perfect match after a suitcase mix-up, in which the contents suggest the owner and Laura might be fated to meet. But fate doesn’t always play fair. Exploring Jersey with Laura had me wanting to hop on a plane for a visit, and all the characters we met were perfectly written to compliment the narrative. Adding liveliness and depth but pushing this gorgeous little love story ahead to its irresistible conclusion. – Lindz
  • I’m so proud of the speed I’ve read this months pick (just haven’t met you yet by @sophie_cousens ) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I laughed, I cried a bit, I fell in love with the characters and more importantly the setting- jersey never interested me particularly (other than the cows…) but now I want to holiday there! – Kat
  • Just Haven’t Met You Yet is one of those lovely, feel good novels that isn’t too emotionally or intellectually taxing. Reading this was like watching one of those Sunday afternoon made for TV movies; basically a hug in a book. – Simone




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