We’ve all read the pregnancy books and seen the wonders of impending motherhood shared online but the first trimester is no joke! On one hand, you are so unbelievably excited and on the other, you feel like a exhausted, nauseous sack of shit. I found my second pregnancy MUCH harder than my first, mainly due to the fact I had a toddler to look after. I couldn’t just wallow in pregnancy self pity. I had to function and look after someone else’s needs before my own. We are here to share our first trimester pregnancy tips, to (hopefully) make the ride a little smoother.

first trimester pregnancy tips


  • My first trimester was hell I was sick constantly all the way throughout my pregnancy and couldn’t physically function. If I was to give any tips it would be to allow your body to rest , sleep , eat when you can and try drinking enough if you can keep it down. Don’t put pressure on yourself.” – Ria
  • Crackers, ginger biscuits or cereal to help with the sickness
  • Sleep WHENEVER you can! Even if it is just grabbing five minutes on the sofa. Go to sleep when your other children go to sleep. I literally went to bed at 7pm every night for the first four months of my pregnancy with Oliver.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for not feeling yourself! It will pass.
  • Listen to your body. If it needs to rest, rest. If it needs to eat, eat.
  • Indigestion liquid for morning sickness! I had bottles of it everywhere, and the sachets in my handbag. Someone at work thought it was a sachet of mayonnaise! – Mummy’s Waisted
  • Waistband extenders so that I could wear my usual trousers and jeans! These were a life saver and I didn’t need to buy any maternity wear. – Mummy Wishes
  • A good pregnancy pillow. I had twins second time round and by the end was a beached whale in bed (they were both 7.5lbs!) so it was impossible to get comfortable but a long pregnancy pillow that I could curl around me and put between my knees helped. – Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee
  • A forehead stick for the inevitable pregnancy headaches, works like a dream! – Emily & Indiana
  • Bio oil! I used it religiously through all three pregnancies and emerged stretch mark free. Aside from that benefit, the act of just massaging your tummy is such a lovely chance to bond with your bump and your baby. – The Good Thing Is Though
  • Soft comfy bras without wires that can grow with you! – Refined Prose
  • Water bottle to keep you hydrated during the day as you do tend to feel quite hot and thirsty when you’re pregnant!

We hope these first trimester pregnancy tips helped! Are you currently pregnant? What has helped you?


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