It is already time to review our March book club pick, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown! In March we read Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson, a thriller set in Brighton, a body of a woman has been found in the park. This seems to be the latest victim of a serial killer who abducted women and then set them free if they kept their eyes closed while they were with him. Now he is targeting his past victims and killing them one by one. Pieta, a reporter was one of his previous victims but has never reported it and is now being sent to interview a another of the victims. Jodi is a detective determined to solve the case.

We have a book club WhatsApp group and the feedback for this book was SO good, everyone really enjoyed it!


Trigger warnings; kidnap, rape, murder..

It’s safe to say that I was hooked on this book from the first chapter – the author has such an intriguing writing style that you can’t help but NEED to know what is going to happen.

We follow a dual perspective from Jodie & Pieta and it worked incredibly well, it wasn’t hard to follow the narrative despite each chapter flicking between the two characters and also multiple timelines.

The only qualms I have about the book are the fact that it wrapped up a little too conveniently with “who was the murderer”. It wasn’t very shocking or cleverly thought out, which is what I personally love. I love to be surprised when it comes to thrillers & this just fell a tiny bit flat, BUT I will definitely read more thrillers from the author as I love her writing style and the whole story was so gripping and fast paced. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


“I enjoyed this novel: it dealt with important issues like racism, misogyny, and victimisation. I also really liked the strong female characters, Pieta’s ability to ward off ignorant comments from men in her teenage years and from judgemental women in her work place made her striking.” – SEHER FROM @AMOTHERBLOGS

“Another fab pick this month! Really enjoyed the storyline, agree with you about how the dual perspectives worked really well. I was gripped from very early on and really liked the characters of Pieta and Jody.” – JEN FROM @JEN_F88

“Hands down one the best books i’ve read in a long time! Couldn’t put it down.” – ERIN FROM @THELIFEOF_ERIN.PAIGE

“I really enjoyed this book. I love Dorothy Koomson’s way of writing. Her use of the narrative from different perspectives really held my interest and made me feel invested in the characters.” – MARI FROM @MARI_GLENDINNING

“I really enjoyed this book- definitely worth a read. By the time I go to the end I literally could not put it down. I loved the strong female characters, Pieta especially.” – @THE_DIARY_OF_MUM

“I could totally see this book being made into a mini series you know, whilst I was reading it I felt like I was watching a fast paced tv drama!” – JACKIE FROM @JACKIESPIDER

“t was an easy and enjoyable read but it seemed as though the author needed a little push into being a bit darker with the who and why, I mean the what was plenty dark enough!!!! I will definitely be checking out her other books and recommend to others as a smooth and slick read”. – KATY FROM @POOTLEPOPS

“It wasn’t a thriller that hooked me from the beginning and if it hadn’t been a book club read I might not have persevered. I initially had reservations over the writing style. However I’m glad I stuck with it because as the plot started to unfold, I found myself engaging with the characters more and more, especially the way that the narrative switched between them.” – SIMONE FROM @MUMMY_WITHOUT_A_CLUE



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