Christmas is the most magical time of year and capturing those special moments is something we at TMC love to do. Sharing our memories to social media is something of the norm these days, to we wanted to make a checklist of photos you have to take this Christmas. Whether it be creative images, memory shots or just festive fine details, they’ll all be perfect for the grid.

With this list, you’ll be ready to take advantage of festive props and backgrounds, as well as capturing your loved ones’ excitement and preserve precious moments of family togetherness.

You could even consider referring back to this blog post for our TMC Christmas hashtag challenge!

Picking out your Christmas tree

Picking out a Christmas tree is so much fun and something your kids will look forward to every year, as well as something they’ll look back on and remember when they’re older. Your tree is usually the focal point of your decorations, so why not document it! Whether you’re at a Christmas tree farm or a local garden centre, grab your phone or camera and capture the joy of finding the perfect tree!

Your favourite decoration

We all get a little nostalgic when pulling out the Christmas ornaments, why not take a detailed shot of your favourite decoration? You could be creative with angles, lighting and that pretty Christmas light bokeh in the background.

Decorating the tree together

Get the whole household involved and capture the laughs. It’s such an easy way to capture your family doing something festive together. Those natural, candid shots of the kids stringing the lights and carefully placing each ornament are sure to bring back happy memories for years to come. Top tip: get in close to capture each person’s expression!


Whether you capture the family harvesting of fresh mistletoe or a sweet little kiss beneath it, it’s got to be worth getting that shot!

Presents & Wrapping Details

If you take the time and effort to wrap your family presents, you should definitely document that! Again, experiment with angles and lighting to make a more interesting picture. You could even take the photos of the present about to be wrapped

Flat lays

It goes without saying; a festive flat lay always gets some love on the gram. You can use anything and everything to fit the vibe (or prompt) for your shot. Herse a little list of things to include:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Fairy lights
  • Holly or other Christmas foliage
  • Books
  • Mugs with your favourite hot beverage
  • Christmas sweet treats – think candy canes, chocolate coins, Santa lollies, biscuits, etc.
  • Wrapping materials – ribbons, bows, glitter, present toppers
  • Knitwear / blankets
  • Candles
  • Stockings
  • Presents

Christmas is all about spending time with those you love most. So capture those excited faces whenever and wherever you can. Whether it’s unwrapping presents, seeing Santa for the first time, those thank you hugs, taking part in Christmas bakes and crafts, the world is your oyster. Be creative, play around with your angles and editing and just have fun!

Below we’ve done a festive photo checklist of more wonderful ideas; you could print it off or save it to your phone so you always have to hand. Also don’t forget, a lot of these ideas can be used not only for your memory making or Instagram feed, but also to take part in our Christmas hashtag challenge.



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