6 Things You Don’t Expect To Feel When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

find out you're pregnant

When you find out your pregnant for the first time, planned or not, it’s flipping scary. You begin to picture yourself with your little babe, holding him or her for the first time and picturing if they’ll have daddy’s eyes or mummy’s lips. It’s an exciting time and there are plenty of lovely thoughts to go with it. However, there are a lot of things that some may worry about at some point down the line. Those hormones like to make us panic a little bit and wonder what the hell are we doing. Even if this is everything we have ever wanted!

Oh shit, shit, shit. Do I even want children?!

For some unknown reason, there are those split moments when you realise how much life will have to change and it’s actually kind of scary and pretty darn overwhelming! Life before kids is quite nice isn’t it. You can sleep when you like, go on holiday whenever, stay up until god knows what hour and you generally don’t really have to think about anyone but yourself!

What If I Am An Awful Mum?

“Ok I’ve never done this before, what if I’m terrible at it? What if he doesn’t like me? What if I forget to feed/bath/wind/change him?!”.

I’m pretty sure every first time expectant mum goes through this little stage. The fact you are even questioning if you’re going to be a good mummy or not, already makes you a good mum. You got this!

How The Eff Am I Going To Push An Actual Human Being Out Of My Lady Parts?

A woman’s body is bloody amazing thing, we are made to be able to do this. Try and get in tune with your body, deep breaths and try not to panic!

Following on from that… Will My Lady Parts Ever Look The Same Again?

Does it go back to normal? Will I be able to pee like normal? Is sex ever going to be the same? Can I even do that again?

Stop panicking. It takes time… but you’ll get there. It’s different for every woman, but like we said above, your body can do this!

What If I Poop Whilst Pushing?

This is something we’ve all had nightmares about at some point. What if you’re pushing and pushing your precious little bean out and all of a sudden, a little pre-birth present arrives for everyone to see?

In reality, when it happens, if it happens (it probably will), you won’t even notice. The midwives whip it away that quickly, that no one tends to really notice anyway. If someone does notice, are they really going to tease a hormonal woman who’s in the middle of pushing a person out their vagina? I don’t think so!

Ok, So How The Heck Am I Going To Afford This?

Pushchairs, cots, bedding, bottles, toys, clothes, changing mats, burp cloths… jeeez these kids need a lot of things don’t they! One thing we will say – you don’t need it all, there are clever marketing tricks that make us first time mums panic if we don’t have it all. That gorgeous changing basket you’ve been seeing all over Instagram IS gorgeous, but you’ll most likely be changing baby on the floor most of the time!

Obviously all these thoughts are very natural, your body is going through a huge change and an increase in hormones are playing a huge part in how you feel. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed or nervous, it’s a scary process, especially if it’s your first baby.

All we can say, is that IT’S GOING TO BE OK, YOU GOT THIS MAMA!


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