TMC #30dayswild Challenge

It’s Almost June, which means #30dayswild is back! #30dayswild was set up by The Wildlife Trust to encourage young people to get out in nature. It’s where you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, well being and for the planet. The Wildlife Trust provide packs and materials and you can still sign up and join in, it’s completely free! Once signed up, you will be able to download and print and abundance of material and things to do throughout the month of June.

Here at TMC, we wanted to encourage you guys to join in with #30dayswild -So we have decided to ditch the normal # challenge for the month of June and create #TMC30dayswild challenge!!


How TMC #30dayswild Challenge Works…

Below, we have listed over 100 things/activities/outings for you to do – they are all nature based. They are split into groups, with each activity worth either 5 10 15 20 25 and a whopping 50 points depending on the group they are in.

The idea, is that if you would like to join in – please let us know. We will then create teams by a name picker or out of a hat via Instagram live. Then, throughout the month of June, you and your team pick and choose different activities from the list to do. You post on your socials – either stories, or a grid post – tagging us at @thatmamaclub, as well as your team mates and using #TMC30dayswild – then they are all in one place.

We will then keep a tally of our teams scores, either in the form of whatsapp/instagram team chats. Then, at the end of each week – we will see who’s in the lead..making it a bit of fun! Then, at the end of the month, we will see which team has won overall.

It’s all a bit of fun, encouraging us to get outside more! Please see the list of activities below…


Egg Box colour hunt
Scavenger hunt
Tree markings
Nature based water play
Mud painting
Rock painting
Have a picnic
Play in the rain
Draw round shadows
Do some bird watching
Walk through the woods
Look for snails after it rains
Have breakfast outside
Read a book outside
Listen to birdsong
Paint pinecones
Leaf threading
Fly a kite
Rock balancing
Nature cutting tray


Make a nature crown
Nature paint brushes
Nature bracelets
Bird feeders
Mix and match pebbles
Do some gardening
Leaf painting
Make a nature colour wheel
Look for mini-beasts
Build a den outdoors
Make a bee water station
Jump in muddy puddles
Nature sensory basket/bottles
Watch the sunset/sunrise
Do wildlife yoga outside!
Make your own binoculars
Watch a wild webcam
Climb a tree
Look for animal prints
Read nature based books



Make a bug hotel
Stay up late to look at the stars
Make some mud pies!
Make a daisy chain
Camp in the back garden
Make a sundial
Cook outside
Make a sun print
Pond dipping
Make shapes out of nature
Make a fairy garden
Brew some petal potion!
Go on a leaf hunt
Forest bathing
Pick a wild bouquet
Eat something you’ve grown
Grow sunflowers
Make faces out of nature
Set up a mud kitchen
Make Nature scented playdough



Water painting
Have a teddy bears picnic
Flower pressing
Go foraging
Make a rain gauge
Create nature masks
Nature bingo
Create a nature collage
Make a flower sun-catcher
Make flower pots out of tin cans
Create a stick wind chime
Make a stick fairy
Go on a flower hunt
Pick elderberries
Play Pooh sticks
Build a stick maze
Keep a Nature journal
Flower ice water play
Dye cloth using nature
Make tea from flowers



Nature wings
Clay nature print ornaments
Homemade water colours
Wild weaving
Nature mobiles
Photographing wildlife
Nature wands
Make some nature mandalas
Wild flower bombs
Nature based playdough
Making a hedgehog out of clay and sticks
Find some elderflower
Make dandelion cookies
Create a butterfly table
Make a birds nest
Look at the clouds
Feed the ducks at a local pond (try getting bird seed instead of bread)
Create chalk art outside


Have a plastic free day
Celebrate Summer Solstice on June 21st!
Beach Clean up
Littler Picking


Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for TMC #30dayswild challenge!


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